On Demand Services

Services made easy :

Suryl Services has made On Demand IT Services a reality. Our cloud based tool, Suryl Nexus, transforms the managed services and staffing industries by enabling new ways to deliver IT projects and services by utilizing an On-Demand labor model. We accomplish this transformation to On Demand without changing your current internal processes. Suryl Services simplified process and methodology ensure integration of existing customer IT dispatch and project processes, enabling the next generation of IT services as well as new service options.

Customer Labor Options :

Suryl Nexus – Gives your business direct access to the “On Demand” workforce to complete any job. No job is too small or too large for the On Demand workforce. Suryl Nexus takes your existing work orders in any format (email, text file, spreadsheet, etc.), parses the information and translates it into a standard work order that we can pass to our network of 3 million+ providers.

Onboarding – During the two-week onboarding process, Suryl analysts will gather information about your environment, locations, SLA’s and service provider requirements. This information will translate into the business rules in Suryl Nexus that will help create standard work orders and assist us in downselecting providers to find the one that is right for your job.

Dispatch/Project Management – Not all dispatches and projects are created equally. Suryl Nexus provides us with alerting to inform our project management team at each step of your event or task. Most notifications are positives and require no action, but typically around 20% require some type of action to be taken. Our Dispatch Management team will action those based on agreed upon business rules to make sure your customer needs are met and successful completion.