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PC Time Machine in a Button

Suryl Guardian is a new approach to fixing PC issues. Users can easily undo PC problems by going back to a time before the problems started. If you have a virus, click a button; you have malware, click a button; it is just not working right, click a button. It's that fast and simple!



Suryl Guardian simplifies the management and restoration of PC's. Regardless of user errors, virus, malware, application deployments or application conflicts, a bad event can be easily removed at the click of a button.
Simple User Interface, two buttons are all you need
Create automatic save points on a programmable schedule
Password protected to ensure authorized access
Minimal system resource usage, does not affect PC performance
Suryl's isolated environment technology ensures clean restore points
Suryl Shared Folder, safe local location to save files during a PC Refresh
Kiosk Mode - Computer always returns to the locked state
Enterprise Options:
  • Enterprise deployment through customizable installation script
  • Silent installation option
  • Ability to hide Desktop, User Prompts and Start Menu Icon
  • Software updates, select to obtain from or your server
  • Full program logging for system administrators
  • Command line functionality for remote execution
  • Remote status reporting for integration into IT Dashboards and Tools
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